The Southwest Missouri Beef Cattle Improvement Association was organized in October, 1972 as a non-profit corporation. The objective was to help improve the quality and performance of beef cattle in this part of the state.

The primary means of making this improvement was through the testing of herds, both purebred and commercial, for weaning and yearling weight. This was accomplished by those herds enrolling in the University of Missouri Extension’s On-Farm Beef Cattle Testing Program. Bulls meeting criteria for growth and conformation were eligible to sell in a performance tested bull sale in the southwest Missouri area. This area includes the following counties: Barry, Barton, Cedar, Christian, Dade, Dallas, Douglas, Greene, Hickory, Howell, Jasper, Laclede, Lawrence, McDonald, Newton, Ozark, Polk, Stone, Taney, Texas, Vernon, Webster, and Wright.

The first sale was held at Nixa in April, 1973. Since then, the sale has been held each March and October in Mt. Vernon and currently is held at the Springfield Livestock Marketing Center.

Numerous changes in evaluation and qualification guidelines have occurred during this time. These changes have helped with the original intent of the organizers to make improvement in beef cattle through genetic selection. More information on Missouri’s beef industry can be found at http://agebb.missouri.edu/beef

In 1981, a local group started a steer feedout program in Lawrence county. It was guided by University of Missouri extension staff. The goal of the program was to encourage cow-calf producers to retain ownership of a sampling of their steer calves through harvest. This would permit individual carcass data retrieval as well as feedlot performance. Many of the participants in the feedout were BCIA members and others who had bought bulls at the sales.

The feedout continues today and has expanded to take in all of Missouri. The cattle are fed in Iowa as a part of the Tri-County Steer Carcass Futurity. Guidelines for participation in this program may be found by discussing with Eldon Cole.


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