In an effort to help our consigners and promote the cattle industry we are listing a classifieds section for the next 6 months. Animals listed in this section were slotted to sell at sales, or are consigners that could not make it to our Tested Bull Sale. Take a minute to browse over the animals, there are quite a few great animals here that are available Private Treaty!
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Gardner Springs Angus

LOT 16 BRAND NAME GG   19417099

Pictured is BRAND NAME GG and the PGS V A R Discovery 2440.
Bull is available Private Treaty: Gardner Springs Angus Gary Gardner - Aurora, MO 417-766-7698

Clear Creek Angus


Pictured is the Sire Connealy Counselor.
Bull is available Private Treaty: Clear Creek Angus Steve & Crystal Vaughn - Springfield, MO 417-300-1990

Gleonda Angus Farms

Our single “Black Magic” bull of the 2020 offering, F549 is here with growth behind him. Featuring a top 1% of the breed $B, $F and RADG ranking. F549 is the highest $Combined bull of our 2020 offering with a +307 $C. Take notice of this bull for the added pounds he can contribute while also ranking in the top 15% for Marb, RE and Doc.

This “Cowboy Up” daughter goes back to the Black Bess cow family, a foundation in the Gleonda Angus Farms herd. F538 offers 4 Pathfinders in 3 generations and loads of potential. She sells AI bred on 12/2/19 to Bar R Jet Black 5063. She was then pasture exposed to their up and coming herd sire, Gleonda Pistols Firing from 12/15/19 to 2/15/20.

From the Gleonda Queen Mother cow family, this “Cowboy Up” daughter is here for your appraisal. F536 offers 4 Pathfinders in 3 generations. She sells AI bred on 12/2/19 to Bar R Jet Black 5063. She was then pasture exposed to their up and coming herd sire, Gleonda Pistols Firing from 12/15/19 to 2/15/20.
A “Black Granite” daughter that goes back to the Laflins Jilt cow family from Olsburg, KS. F544 offers 9 Pathfinders in 3 generations and an impressive EPD profile. F544 ranks in the top 10% of the breed for both the new $M and $C EPDs. Take another look at her on sale day. She sells AI bred on 12/2/19 to Mead Magnitude. She was then pasture exposed to their up and coming herd sire, Gleonda Pistols Firing from 12/15/19 to 2/15/20.

This young “Weigh Up” daughter is backed by the Blackcap cow family. She offers a top 1% Fat and $F EPD as well as a top 2% RADG, 3% $B and 5% $C. She sells AI bred on 12/2/19 to Byergo Black Magic 3348. She was then pasture exposed to H S Northern Style 846 647 from 12/15/19 to 2/15/20.

Available Private Treaty: Traves Merrick - Miller, MO 417-452-3883

Naylor's Angus & Shorthorns

A bred heifer by the Accelerated Genetics multi-trait excellence sire, V A R Discovery 2240. You’ll appreciate her nice disposition! Her dam is one of the consistent producers at Naylor’s Angus from their Queen cow family. To enhance her value, she sells bred to the calving ease Connealy Comrade 1385 who ranks in the top 1% for both CED and BW. Naylor’s have never experienced any calving difficulty with “Comrade!” Due 9/4/20.

”Ten X” needs no introduction in the Angus breed as the #1 sire for registrations for two years. Naylor’s Angus used him extensively in their herd. 8N12 is a heifer with a pleasant disposition, she sells bred to the calving-ease Connealy Comrade 1385, due 9/6/20. His calves have come easy and they continue to breed most of their first calf heifers to him.
Available Private Treaty: Brett Naylor - Buffalo, MO 417-880-6039

TEKO Angus Farms

K1505 is a young daughter of PA Full Power 1208. This Targeting the Brand stamped female goes back to the May cow family. Her dam was productive in their herd to age 17. K1505 sells with her Jindra Acclaim herd sire prospect at side, born 1/9/20. The calf ranks in the top 1% of the breed for $F as well as top 3% for $B. He also features 8 additional EPDs in the top 15% or better of the breed.
This EF Complement 8088 daughter comes from the highly productive Erica cow family. She offers a growth EPD of over +100 and a RADG ranking in the top 4% of the breed along with a Milk and $F EPD ranking in the top 10%. K1313 sells with her 12/30/19 heifer calf (19645319) by “Hickok.” The K913 calf includes EPD rankings in the top 25% or better of the breed in WW, YW, Milk, $W and $F.

This is a great performing young cow with progeny that shows what she can do. K1401 is a granddaughter of MCC Daybreak and GAR Ultimate. She offers a balanced set of EPDs that include a top 30% or better in the breed EPD ranking for CED, WW, YW, CEM, Marb, $F, $G, $B and $C. You’ll also see her 2018 bull calf in this sale as Lot 16. K1401 sells AI bred on 12/30/19 to ABS sire, ACC Ascension 7014. This could be her best mating yet.

This Quaker Hill Manning 4EX9 son offers double-digit CEM. He ranks in the top 20% or better of the breed for CED, WW, YW, CEM, $W, $F and $B. Take note of his 1/2 brother who also sells in this sale.

Beautiful conformation in this “Complement” daughter. From the May cow family that is known for longevity. Her dam was productive up to age 17. K1305 offers a history of 3 calves with a 359-day calving interval. Her 2020 breeding information will be available sale day.
This split-off son of Mill Bar Hickok 7242 stems from a cow family known for longevity. This herd sire prospect offers a +4 CED and loads of potential. Take note of him on sale day.
Available Private Treaty: Ted Koontz - Sparta, MO 417-839-3960

Wiles Ridge Ranch

Here is one powerful “Lassie,” with an actual BW of only 61 lbs. Sired by WRR Next Gen, who packs on the pounds in his calves with his top 10% 75 WW, top 5% 134 YW, top 15% .28 RADG, top 4% 65 CW, and top 15% .84 Marb. Check out those $Values with a top 5% $F and $B, and top 2% $C! 964 herself also boasts a top 15% or better EPD ranking in WW, YW, CW, $W, $F, $B and $C. A wonderful mating that aims to please!


Just look at what the 246 cow can do for you! This September heifer born at 58 lbs. is out of KB-Full Measure C40 with his top 4% 14 CED, top 3% 79 WW, top 2% 143 YW, top 1% RADG, and top 2% 192 $B. This excellent female herself offers a top 15% or better ranking in CED, RADG, CEM, Fat, $W, $F, $B with a top 5% $C. Just like her dam, she is a feed efficient, calving ease, classy female!

Wiles Ridge Ranch is proud to offer a vast selection of bulls right off the farm. Sires include Legend, Acclaim, Zeus, Trueblood, Next Gen, and Rampage. Bulls have excellent calving ease, growth and docility. Bulls available for viewing at your convenience. Our cattle are bred with the commercial and registered breeder in mind; extremely docile animals that will breed generations of enhanced, value-added genetics and profitability. Website updated weekly with listing of all bulls and current EPDs

Available Private Treaty: Truman Wiles - Willow Springs, MO 417-252-0726 (Phoebe Wiles 417-293-8002)


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